The AAA Member Rewards Card

The AAA Member Rewards Credit Card is designed for frequent users of the AAA. The American Automobile Association (AAA – pronounced "Triple A") is a federation of motor clubs throughout North America. AAA is a privately held national member association, and service business with over 58 million members in the United States and Canada.

The AAA Member Rewards Card (79)

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The AAA Member Rewards Card Basics

As we all know, the AAA Member Rewards Credit Card can be a fantastic card when you are a member of Bank of America’s Preferred Rewards. The AAA Member Rewards Credit Card can provide cash back on travel and gas.

There is a great rewards program for frequent travelers on the AAA Member Rewards Credit Card. If you have this card, you can earn 3X points on qualifying AAA and travel purchases. This rewards program includes purchases made with an airline, car rental agencies, hotels and resorts, cruise lines, and travel clubs.

Besides, cardholders can use the AAA Member Rewards Credit Card as a protection of overdraft for your account. Overdraft transfers can be made as needed in increments of $100. A $12 fee applies for each transaction only happen when your overdraft amount is more than $12.

Advantage of The AAA Member Rewards Card

1. You can earn you 3% cash back on travel and AAA purchases.

2. There will be 2% back on gas, grocery, and drugstore shopping if you have this card.

3. You can have 1% back on every purchase

4. Gold membership of the AAA Member Rewards Credit Card gives a 25% bonus

5. Platinum gives 50%, and Platinum Honors gives 75%.

6. Foreign transactions will be 2%.

7. Late payments are charged a fee up to $37.

8. Returned payments are charged a fee up to $27.

Should You Get The AAA Member Rewards Card?

Whether to get the AAA Member Rewards Credit card or not? If you are a credit card holder rewarded by AAA members, this will be a great choice for your wallet. It offers 3% bonus, every trip, 2% gas station, grocery store, and pharmacy. All this is much higher than the average level of cash-back credit cards in similar categories. Although you can get popular bonuses from other cards, these discounts are usually accompanied by annual fees and bonus requirements, requiring you to become a high-spending earner.

With AAA membership award visa, you can get unlimited awards. You can exchange cash, settle credit cards, gift cards, air travel, car rental, Hotel accommodation, or AAA certificates. AAA membership incentive visa has no annual fee, which means you can enjoy credit card incentives and allowances free of charge, as long as you pay the balance every month to avoid interest.

According to your credit record, the cost of purchasing APR is between 13.24% and 23.24%. A higher credit score qualifies you for a lower interest rate.

You don't have to be an AAA member to apply for this card. This card is better. Rewards and credit are great benefits. Although a 0% balance transfer quotation may be attractive, the transfer balance makes it more difficult to earn credit or remuneration on the balance sheet.

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