Ann Taylor Credit Card

Ann Taylor Credit Card is designed for frequent users of Ann Taylor. Ann Taylor was founded in 1954, headquartered in New York City. These stores offer classic style suits, singles, dresses, shoes, and accessories. It's an American clothing retail chain. Ann Taylor Credit Cards is a Store Credit Cards. They cover the main business of the brand. As for the specific situation of the cards, we will elaborate on it in the following text.

Ann Taylor Credit Card (100)

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Ann Taylor Credit Card Basics

Ann Taylor is a brand that provides customers with two kinds of credit cards, one is Ann Taylor, the other is Ann Taylor MasterCard. Ann Taylor Credit Card is a store card that can be used anywhere with Ann Taylor. Ann Taylor MasterCard Credit Card can be used anywhere MasterCard is accepted. Both cards do not charge an annual fee. They have discount and incentive schemes. People who like to shop at a wide variety of retailers, who want to save money in their common purchases, who try to learn how to maximize their rewards will benefit from the cards.

Advantage of Ann Taylor Credit Card

Ann Taylor Credit Card

The benefits of Ann Taylor Credit Card:

1. Enjoy 15% off when you open and use your Ann Taylor Credit Card at and on the first Tuesday of every month.

2. Earn 5 Perfect Rewards points for every dollar spent at Ann Taylor, Ann Taylor Factory Store,, LOFT, LOFT Outlet,, Lou & Grey and

3. Earn 2 points for every dollar spent on gas and grocery purchases, and 1 point for every dollar spent on all other purchases.

4. Double points days during exclusive Cardmember-only events.

5. Receive a $20 Perfect Rewards card for every 2,000 points earned.

6. Enjoy a $15 Birthday Gift.

7. Receive a $20 Rewards Card for your first purchase outside ANN INC.

Should You Get Ann Taylor Credit Card?

If you shop regularly in Ann Taylor, it costs a lot of money. Well, you need a card that rewards you, so Ann Taylor credit card and Ann Taylor MasterCard may be your choice. Ann Taylor MasterCard can use a $20 reward card for its first purchase outside Ann Inc.! It's worth noting that the $15 gift is limited to full-price in-store items, and the 15% discount does not include gift cards and gift boxes. Because the reward rate of Ann Taylor credit card is very reliable, it is difficult to get a higher return from another reward card when Ann Taylor purchases it. This makes the Ann Taylor credit card a good investment for specialized Ann Taylor shoppers. The card's high APR means that if you allow your purchase to roll monthly, any incentive will soon exceed the interest charges. In addition, the card (and its incentives) can only be used for Ann Inc. Purchase greatly limits its practicability. In short, if you need to update your work wardrobe and keep your eyes on Ann Taylor Card, Ann Taylor Card discounts can be easily saved, but ordinary shoppers are better off using an all-around reward card. In the long run, APR is more reasonable. Every credit card has its own strengths and weaknesses, and Ann Taylor Credit Card is no exception. Whether you handle Ann Taylor Credit Card depends on how much you need it and whether it fits you. If you think this card is not suitable for you, you can look at the other credit cards we recommend.

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