GAP Credit Card

GAP Credit Card is designed for frequent users on GAP. GAP is an American clothing and accessories retailer, founded in 1969, headquartered in San Francisco, California. GAP had an estimated 130,000 employees and 3,245 stores worldwide in 2011. GAP offers two credit cards that offer different discounts or benefits. You can use this card at GAP or its sister stores.

GAP Credit Card (103)

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GAP Credit Card Basics

GAP Credit Cards are designed to enable consumers to shop more conveniently and safely while allowing them to enjoy preferential activities and discounts from businesses.

Have two GAP Credit Cards: GAP Card credit and GAP Visa ® credit card.

Both cards allow you to earn and redeem rewards at any GAP Inc. Branded store or online, but GAP Card Cards can only be used at participating GAP Inc. Branded stores. After the application of GAP Credit Card, you will be deemed to be GAP Visa ® Card. If the card-issuing mechanism Synchrony Bank does not authorize you to use the card, you will be considered using a GAP store Credit Card, GAP Card.

Advantages of GAP Credit Card

GAP Credit Card

The main benefits of GAP Credit Card are:

1. The best function of GAP Credit Card is 10% on Tuesday. When you use the card at the GAP or GAP Factory on Tuesday, you get a 10% discount on your bill. This is much better than any other credit card.

2. Since there is no annual fee for this card, it makes sense to apply for all the additional discounts offered.

3. Every time you're at The GAP Inc. brand store shopping, a GAP Credit Card gets 5 cents per dollar. Stores in this category included GAP, Old Navy, Banana Republic, and Athleta. All other stores make only one point per dollar. All of these bonus points can be exchanged for coupons that you can use at the GAP. For every 500 points, you get, you get $5.In such exchanges, the card is rewarded at GAP Inc. 's stores at 5% and 1% on all other expenses.

4. After you get the card approval, you have 90 days to enjoy the first shopping 15% discount.

Should You Get GAP Credit Card?

As with any store credit card, whether you should apply or not will largely depend on the number of shopping's you have in the store or its sister brand. Because initial registration discounts can be attractive, GAP Card is best suited to frequent GAP shoppers, because only those customers will get any significant value out of the card. Essentially, GAP Visa was a 5% cash back card that GAP, Old Navy, Banana Republic, and Athleta had used, and had gotten 1% returns elsewhere.

There are no special financing deals, but GAP Visa cardholders are sometimes offered extra sales. In addition, all of your accumulated rewards can only be used for future purchases at GAP Inc. Stores. That's not to say that GAP Card doesn't have its privileges. If you spend a significant portion of your clothing budget on the GAP Inc. brand, you may receive a GAP Silver identity that offers you additional discounts and perks.

If you like GAP clothes, this card may suit you. However, if you only visit GAP or its online peer shopping once or twice a year, be sure to consider using a different free cash back card.

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