Walmart Credit Card

Walmart credit card is designed for frequent users on Walmart. Walmart stores were founded in 1962, headquartered in Bentonville, Arkansas, the United States. The company has 8,500 stores in 15 countries around the world. The Walmart credit card offers Walmart MasterCard and Walmart Credit Card. The advantage of Walmart credit card is that it does not charge an annual fee. If you register your credit card, you can get the registration bonus. There are also some cash back benefits.

Walmart Credit Card (79)

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Walmart Credit Card Basics

Walmart offers two types of Credit Cards:

1. Walmart Credit Card. This is a store card. It can only be used at Walmart,, Sam's Club and Murphy's U.S. gas station.

2. Walmart MasterCard. The scope of application is that MasterCard can be used as long as it accepts it.

The Walmart Credit Card and Walmart Mastercard are mostly the same, except for where you can use them. The Walmart Credit Card can only be used at Walmart, Murphy USA gas stations, and a few other retailers. The Walmart Mastercard can be used anywhere Mastercard is accepted. All Walmart credit cards will automatically register for the 3-2-1 savings incentive plan. You will receive cash from the incentive program in the form of a statement of credit.

Since the Walmart MasterCard is slightly more difficult to qualify for, some applicants will automatically receive the Walmart Credit Card, which targets consumers with low to fair credit scores looking to build their credit.

Advantage of Walmart Credit Card

The main benefits of Walmart credit card are:

1. 3% cash back at

2. 2% cash back on fuel at Walmart gas stations and Murphy USA gas stations (excluding Murphy Express)

3. 1% cash back everywhere else

4. Other discounts offered by Walmart credit cards.

5. No annual fee.

6. Credit scores can be obtained free of charge by registering electronic statements.

7. Protection of fraud.

8. 6 months or 1-year financing opportunity. After new users sign up, Walmart charges $25 within 24 hours, so both cards carry a $25 bill.

Should You Get Walmart Credit Card?

The biggest problem with Walmart credit cards is that they don't give you any extra rewards when you're in Walmart shopping, which should be the main benefit of a store-branded card Only offers 3%. If you do a lot of online shopping through Walmart, this card might be worth a try. But if your Walmart experience is mostly in-store, you can get better prices on many other cards. Getting a Walmart credit card can be useful if you regularly buy food, groceries or other items from Walmart and its website, and you usually fill up at Walmart or Murphy USA. You just need to pay the balance on time every month, not because the APR and late fees are too high, it is ok. Otherwise, you will be punished and get little benefit.

Walmart credit card is more suitable for the public use, whether you like shopping people, office workers, or housewives, this credit card is very suitable, you can buy clothes and food in Walmart, you can also buy vegetables and fruits, all kinds of, everything. After registering your credit card, you can also receive other discounts or cash rewards at previous promotional prices.

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