Capital One® Journey® Student Credit Card


Capital One® Journey® Student Credit Card is a Travel Credit Cards. If you’re just starting your career, a credit card can be a valuable part of your financial toolbox. The best credit cards for young adults have good rewards and benefits but low fees. The best credit cards for young adults all have a few things in common. They all have low (or no) annual fees. They all report to the major credit bureaus on a monthly basis, giving you the chance to steadily improve your credit score. And they all provide their fair share of perks. But the best credit cards for young adults differ in some important ways, too, just like young adults themselves. Some are attainable only for young professionals who’ve already built good credit. Others serve the needs of people with limited credit experience or a history of financial mistakes. Some require an active college or university email address, while others cater to young adults who’ve already entered the “real world.” They also come from several different credit card issuers. As such, their rates, fees, rewards and


The Capital One® Journey® Student Credit Card is good for students with limited or average credit who want to build credit and get rewarded for it.This card is actually available to anyone, whether you’re a student or not. It’s a solid option to build or improve your credit, while earning a bit of cash back too.

Who can benefit from the Capital One® Journey® Student Credit Card

  • People who travel often and don’t prefer a particular airline or stay with a particular hotel brand
  • People who want to make their trips cheaper and more interesting
  • People who have experience using credit cards and know how to pay bills and avoid interest
  • People who use the travel credit card enough to make an annual fee worthwhile

Basic Information

Sign Up Bonus
Annual Fee

How to apply for the Capital One® Journey® Student Credit Card

  1. Click "Apply" button.
  2. According to the requirements of the credit card official website, fill out the application form with information, such as your name, Social Security number, home address, income source, and total annual income.
  3. Review and submit your application.

What will happen if you click the "Apply" button?

  • Clicking the "Apply" button will take you to the official bank's website of the online application. And it will not leave any mark on your credit report.
  • only provides credit cards' information. All applications will be made on the banks' official websites, and our website will not record any your personal information.
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