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You don't have to be a millionaire to travel like one. That's thanks to the growing number of premium credit cards on the market these days that offer a wide range of luxury perks and features to qualifying cardholders. From concierge services to fee credits to complimentary airport lounge access and, of course, excellent rewards-earning possibilities, these cards offer members access to an elite world of luxury travel. And the options extend beyond credit cards for individuals to credit cards for small business owners, making traveling for business just a little more comfortable and rewarding. You'll obviously need an excellent credit history and score to qualify for these cards, and the annual fees will in some cases make them not the best fit for your lifestyle, but if you're a frequent travel with a taste for the finer things, take a look at the top luxury credit cards on the market

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Is a luxury credit card right for you?

The perks and features of these cards are certainly appealing, but it's important to note that these cards aren't for everyone. In fact, they probably aren't even for most people.

Before deciding to apply for one of these cards, make sure you have a firm grasp on your credit history and credit score. The reality is that you're going to need a stellar credit history to be approved for one of these cards – and applying for a credit card for which you won't be approved will do nothing more than ding your credit score.

If you like what you see here, but aren't ready for the larger-than-typical annual fees, that's ok. There are still some excellent travel rewards credit cards out there that don't come with massive annual fees. Plus, those cards, while you still need a healthy credit history to qualify, will likely not require quite the same income base that these premium credit cards do.

So if you're enticed by the perks and features, but not ready to take the plunge for one of these cards, take a look instead at our picks for "Best travel rewards credit cards." You could very well find your perfect credit card match there.

How to choose the right luxury credit card?

All luxury credit cards offer a flurry of travel perks, but they don't always overlap. As a result, it's important to consider how you travel and what types of benefits you prefer.

As with any other credit card, you'll want to compare the features and terms of each luxury card and select the one that suits your needs best. Note, however, that applying for credit cards is different than applying for loans. If you're approved, your account gets opened automatically.

So, make sure you know which card you want and apply only for that card rather than applying for all of them to see what terms you'd get.

Also, note that luxury credit cards are typically designed for people with good and exceptional credit. Check your credit scores before applying to make sure you're score meets that standard, which can vary depending on which card you're looking at.

Bottom Line: are luxury credit cards worth it?

What separates the most exclusive credit cards from the rest of the pack? Usually, it’s part urban legend and part brilliant marketing. While most of these prestigious credit cards are unattainable for regular folks, they are available for wealthy individuals at the higher echelon of society.You can apply for some of these cards on your own — if you can stomach the annual fees.The exclusivity of these cards can mean access to a variety of perks, luxuries and special events, as well as a higher credit limit. It can carry some status as well.Review how the perks and bonuses shape up against the cost. Depending on your situation, some of these perks could be worth the cost. On the other hand, you don’t want to be stuck with a card you can’t afford and get into credit card debt.

MLB™ BankAmericard Cash Rewards™ Mastercard®

  • $150 cash rewards bonus after you spend at least $500 on purchases in the first 90 days of account opening
  • All 30 team cards are available, customized with your favorite team's colors and logo

Capital One® QuicksilverOne® Cash Rewards Credit Card

  • Earn unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, every day
  • Use your QuicksilverOne card and get 50% back as a statement credit on your monthly Spotify Premium subscription, now through April 2018

BP Business Solutions MasterCard®

  • Accepted at over 175,000 locations nationwide with competitive rebates when purchasing fuel at thousands of BP locations nationwide
  • Save up to 6 cents per gallon on fuel purchases at BP locations

Chevron and Texaco Universal Business MasterCard®

  • Earn rebates up to 6 cents per gallon based on monthly fuel purchases at Chevron and Texaco locations
  • Accepted at over 175,000 fueling locations with maximum rebate earnings when your drivers choose Chevron and Texaco

The Universal Premium FleetCard MasterCard®

  • Earn up to 3 cents off per gallon with volume rebates plus an additional 3 cents when your drivers fuel within the Retail Savings Network
  • Use for fuel and maintenance purchases nationwide wherever MasterCard is accepted

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