CareCredit® Credit Card

CareCredit helps you pay for out-of-pocket healthcare expenses for you, your family, and even your pets! Once you are approved, you can use it again and again* to help manage health, wellness and beauty costs not covered by insurance.

CareCredit® Credit Card List

CareCredit® Credit Card

  • Cosmetic procedures, such as hair removal, rhinoplasty, Botox injections or other dermatologic services
  • Dental services like preventative checkups, whitening, veneers and dental implants
  • Hearing services, including auditory testing, hearing devices and noise-cancelling headphones purchased at the doctor’s office
  • LASIK and vision care, including cataract surgery, eye exams, eye glasses and contact lenses
  • Veterinary care, which applies to most services and products purchased at a vet’s office
  • Other health care expenses such as LAPBAND surgery, chiropractic services and sleep studies if you have a condition like sleep apnea
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CareCredit helps you pay for out-of-pocket healthcare expenses for you, your family, and even your pets! Once you are approved, you can use it again and again* to help manage health, wellness and beauty costs not covered by insurance.

What is CareCredit?

CareCredit is a credit card that is accepted by over 200,000 healthcare providers in the United States for various medical procedures and services, such as vision care, cosmetic and dermatology services, dental services and hearing care. Various hospitals, veterinary clinics, dental centers and private medical practice firms accept CareCredit. The CareCredit company provides a database of providers that accept CareCredit.

How does CareCredit work?

Just like ordinary credit cards that are used to purchase basic necessities, CareCredit works in a similar fashion by assisting an individual paying for out-of-pocket healthcare expenses incurred when visiting a medical provider.

Over 175,000 healthcare providers across the US accept CareCredit and offer medical services including vision and dental services, as well as pharmaceutical purchases. The card’s application is available online on the CareCredit website and can also be filled out by calling a customer care representative.

Once the application is approved, the account holder can use the card multiple times, as long as the purchases are within the individual’s approved credit limit.

Options to pay the card off are 6, 12, 18, or 24 months financing with no interest charges if paid in full within the promotional period and if a $200 minimum in purchases has been made.

In addition, an extended 60-month interest-free financing period is offered to pay for purchases of $2,500 and up. Payments can be made online or by phone, using a checking account or debit card.

Pros and Cons of CareCredit

CareCredit is a convenient tool that primarily helps individuals who have minimal health insurance and must pay up-front costs for potentially expensive health and wellness procedures and treatments. The benefits of having the card aren’t limited to just the account holder, as the card can also be used by extended family members and to pay for pet medical care.

While there are advantages of using the credit card, interest and fees incurred can sneak up on the account holder. CareCcredit advises consumers that only paying the minimum amount that is due on the account every month may not pay off the full balance before the availed no-interest promotional period expires. Individuals who do not pay off purchases within the interest-free time period may incur expensive finance charges. If not cautious in managing CareCredit bills, significant expenses may be incurred from the card’s associated fees.

Should You Get CareCredit® Credit Card?

If you're uncomfortable with such a risky financial product, schulz recommends looking at a regular credit card (many currently offer zero interest for at least 12 months at opening an account), or if it takes longer to pay off a loan, even an individual loan.

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CareCredit® Credit Card Tips

  1. If you want to know your CareCredit® Credit Card payment details, like your credit card balance. Please contact the CareCredit® Credit Card customer service or get a CareCredit® Credit Card application.
  2. In order to manage your CareCredit® Credit Card payment online, you need to log in to the CareCredit® Credit Card official website.
  3. About CareCredit® Credit Card login and how to apply for a CareCredit® Credit Card, you need to go to the official website.
  4. Getting a CareCredit® Credit Card application will be a lot of convenience, contact the CareCredit® Credit Card customer service or go to the CareCredit® Credit Card official website to know more details.
  5. Want to know some products discounts or rewards programs? Make sure your CareCredit® Credit Card phone numbers is correct, there will be text alerts.

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