Scheels Credit Card

SCHEELS Credit Card is designed for frequent users of SCHEELS. SCHEELS was founded in 1902 and is headquartered in thirteen U.S. states. It mainly deals in clothing, sports equipment and shoes. There are 27 stores in 13 states in the United States. SCHEELS offers SCHEELS Credit Card for customers. They cover the main business of the brand. As for the specific situation of the cards, we will elaborate on it in the following text.

Scheels Credit Card List

Scheels Credit Card

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Visa Credit Cards

primor® Secured Visa® Classic Card

  • Credit lines available from $200 to $5,000! Low fixed 13.99% interest rate on purchases - with no penalty rate!
  • No minimum credit score requirements! We invite all credit types to apply! No processing or application fees!

BP Credit Cards

  • Redeem earned rewards at the pump
  • $0 Fraud Liability
  • ATM Cash Access
  • No annual fee

ACE Elite Prepaid Debit Card

  • Enjoy no-fee cash withdrawals at ACE locations and get paid up to 2 days faster with direct deposit.

AccountNow Gold Visa® Prepaid Card

  • Fast and easy access to your money
  • No credit check to get a card
  • No overdraft fees


  • AchieveCard enables customers to get paid faster than a paper check with direct deposit!

Scheels Credit Card Basics

When describing SCHEELS Credit Cards, people will definitely mention two cards: one is the SCHEELS Visa Credit Card and the other is a security Credit Card from SCHEELS. When you shop anywhere, you can use SCHEELS Credit Cards to get generous rewards. This card does not require an annual fee. Customers with low credit scores can also apply for it. People who like to shop at a wide variety of retailers, who want to save money in their common purchases, who try to learn how to maximize their rewards will benefit from the cards.

Advantage of Scheels Credit Card

SCHEELS Credit Card

The benefits of SCHEELS Credit Card:

1. After your first purchase of the card, you will receive 1,500 bonus points (worth $15).

2. For every 2,500 reward points earned, automatically get a $25SCHEELS gift card

3. Special Financing. Enjoy 0% entry APR for 2 6 months. You can use the SCHEELS Visa card to spend $500 or more on SCHEELS at any time. Six months later, your APR will be 20.99% 2 based on the best interest rate. Six months means at least 180 days, the minimum monthly payment.

4. Purchase security and extended protection. Your SCHEELS Visa card will be automatically covered to protect almost all the goods you buy from theft, accidental damage, and fire at no extra cost! We will also extend the original manufacturer's American warranty 12 times for almost all the items you buy with the card.

Should You Get Scheels Credit Card?

If you shop regularly in SCHEELS, it will cost a lot of money. SCHEELS Credit Card will be a good choice for you. First of all, this card does not require an annual fee, and ARP is quite low, fixed at 20.99%. You get this card on the premise that you have a credit score of at least 620. This is a Visa card. You can use it anywhere. With the SCHEELS Visa card, you can get the cash reward. You can get three points without spending $1 in the SCHEELS store. With the approval of SCHEELS Visa Credit Card, you can also enjoy a discount of $35 for chain products. Another advantage of this card is that you can get free financing for up to seven months for more than $500. However, you must pay on time, or you must pay interest in full (called deferred interest). After all, you will enjoy the other rewards of this card. Basically, these functions are typical features of VISA cards. Another thing is that you will enjoy the protection of most online purchases. Overall, this SCHEELS Visa card may be a good choice for the chain's regular customers, especially when you need financing. However, if you do not shop regularly in SCHEELS, we recommend that you do not use Credit Cards. Every card has its own strengths and weaknesses, and the Shell Credit Card is no exception. Whether you handle the SCHEELS Credit Card depends on how much money you need and whether it fits you. If you think this card is not suitable for you, you can look at the other Credit Cards we recommend.

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Scheels Credit Card Tips

  1. If you want to know your Scheels Credit Card payment details, like your credit card balance. Please contact the Scheels Credit Card customer service or get a Scheels Credit Card application.
  2. In order to manage your Scheels Credit Card payment online, you need to log in to the Scheels Credit Card official website.
  3. About Scheels Credit Card login and how to apply for a Scheels Credit Card, you need to go to the official website.
  4. Getting a Scheels Credit Card application will be a lot of convenience, contact the Scheels Credit Card customer service or go to the Scheels Credit Card official website to know more details.
  5. Want to know some products discounts or rewards programs? Make sure your Scheels Credit Card phone numbers is correct, there will be text alerts.

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