Union Plus Credit Card

Union Plus credit card is designed for frequent users of Union Plus. The Union Plus credit card is geared toward union members, and specifically offers discounts and benefits for union members. As for the specific situation of the Union Plus credit card, we will elaborate on it in the following text.

Union Plus Credit Card List


  • Earn 1.5% cash back on all purchases with no limit to the amount you can earn.
  • Get rebates and discounts on AT&T, Teleflora, Union Plus motor club and Car Rentals.

MasterCard Credit Cards

First Progress Platinum Elite MasterCard® Secured Credit Card

  • Fund your new MasterCard® secured credit card with your tax refund today!
  • Receive Your Card More Quickly with New Expedited Processing Option

Citi® Secured Mastercard®

  • No Annual Fee, and unlike a prepaid card, it helps build credit history with monthly notifications to the credit bureaus
  • A security deposit is required for this product (minimum $200)

First Progress Platinum Select MasterCard® Secured Credit Card

  • Fund your new MasterCard® secured credit card with your tax refund today!
  • Receive Your Card More Quickly with New Expedited Processing Option

AAdvantage® AviatorTM Red World Elite MasterCard®

  • First checked bag free for the primary cardmember and up to 4 companions on eligible bags when traveling on domestic itineraries operated by American Airlines
  • Earn 2X miles for every one dollar you spend on eligible American Airlines purchases
  • Group 1 boarding for the primary cardmember on domestic itineraries operated by American Airlines
  • Earn 1X miles on all other purchases
  • 10% of your redeemed miles back (10,000 maximum per calendar year)
  • No foreign transaction fees
  • 25% inflight savings on food, beverages, and headsets on American Airlines-operated flights
  • $95 annual fee

Indigo® Unsecured Mastercard®

Pre-qualify today without an impact on your credit score. Helping consumers with limited or damaged credit make a fresh start for over 12 years. Access your account online or from your mobile device 24/7. Protection from fraud if your card is stolen. Account history is reported to the three major credit bureaus in the U.S.

Union Plus Credit Card Basics

AFL-CIO created the trade union privilege in 1986 to provide valuable consumer benefits to trade union members and their families. Trade union benefits, your union members "pay" at work and at home. By utilizing the collective purchasing power of trade unions, we can provide value-added preferential products and services to wage-earning families. Savings. Service. Unite.

Union plus credit cards include many credit card discounts. If you have a gold card, you will get bonus points when you book tickets directly to the airline, or when the terms apply, you will enjoy a discount.

Advantages of Union Plus Credit Card

Discounts and transactions offered by Union Plus.

Legal services:

When members need to talk to lawyers about personal issues, the Federal plus Legal Services Center can take you to more than 2,000 law firms in all 50 states to offer discounted legal services to union families.

Free initial consultation.

Free follow-up service.

Free and simple review and interpretation of documents.

Save 30% on more complex things.

No registration fee. Previous written agreement

Immigration legal services

Complete secrecy


Joint Mortgage and Mortgage Scheme can help you buy or refinance a house while receiving special benefits, including:

Special hardship assistance, interest-free loans, and grants to help the disabled unemployed, locked out or repay their mortgages during strikes.


All union members can save 15% of their choice of monthly wireless service plan from AT&T wireless. Besides saving money, you will also support union workers and their families. AT&T is the only nationally unified wireless operator with over 40,000 union representatives.

Union Plus also offers 35 other benefits and savings, including pet insurance, moving discounts, travel and entertainment discounts, legal aid, etc.


The Alliance Plus Scholarship Scheme supports the overall mission of the Alliance's privileges to help support the higher education goals of its members and leaders. Over the past 22 years, union members and their children have received scholarships worth more than $3.5 million.

Should You Get Union Plus Credit Card?

Whether to get one Union Plus Credit Card or not? If you qualify for this card, then you qualify for a better card somewhere else. Never sign for a card simply because they claim to have your best interests at heart; do some research to find what’s actually best for your own lifestyle.

• If you pay off your balance every month, you should be earning rewards to the fullest extent possible. You can score an awesome rewards credit card, which will effectively get you something like 2% rewards. The Union Plus Card pays no rewards.

• The main perk advertised by this card is access to “exclusive discounts”, yet most other issuers offer similar, if not better, discounts through their own online credit card malls.

• If you don’t pay off your balances every month, you can find a low-interest card geared towards your own level of credit.

• Either way, you can get a card with no annual fee, instead of this card’s annual fee of $0 to $39.

So, would you like to get one Union Plus Credit Card? It depends on the direction of your consumption. If Union Plus Credit Card will not be your most suitable choice, see the Alternative list on the Cards-Expert Website.

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Union Plus Credit Card Tips

  1. If you want to know your Union Plus Credit Card payment details, like your credit card balance. Please contact the Union Plus Credit Card customer service or get a Union Plus Credit Card application.
  2. In order to manage your Union Plus Credit Card payment online, you need to log in to the Union Plus Credit Card official website.
  3. About Union Plus Credit Card login and how to apply for a Union Plus Credit Card, you need to go to the official website.
  4. Getting a Union Plus Credit Card application will be a lot of convenience, contact the Union Plus Credit Card customer service or go to the Union Plus Credit Card official website to know more details.
  5. Want to know some products discounts or rewards programs? Make sure your Union Plus Credit Card phone numbers is correct, there will be text alerts.

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